These are the original updates posted to Fb on Saturday nights during the trek (it became a thing)....

First week on the trail was hard. No, difficult. Well actually pretty daunting & exhausting. 😏 
Started by hiking Har Shlomo outside Eilat by mistake (!) - first with hand-over-hand rock climbing - with a 24-kilo pack mind u - and then along ridges to Har Yeroham...

2nd week on the Trail; if the first was "hard", how to describe the second?
Hiking through and then up the side of מכתש רמון, hiking up חוד עקב only to find the cliff side down impassable (for a 51-yr-old with a 24 kilo pack, on his own & without a death wish) so going...

This was a week full of transitions, of different sorts. From the deep descents and ascents of the south to the more (relatively) gentle rolling hills of the center; from desert(s) to a savannah-like climate; from solitude to more social interaction; from desperation t...

Well… Week four was somewhat surreal. I spent the week basically circumnavigating around my hometown of Beit Shemesh – constantly and tantalizingly within 5 to 20 minutes' drive from home. My bed! My shower! My family! My friends! (Who are, also and in all ways, family...

It's been an incredible week, ending with a really uplifting (and once again, unusual) Shabbat.
Week 5 was another week of transition - as u can imagine if u've followed the last four. 😏
Purim was great fun, and certainly unique. I remained in the forest near Shaar Ha...

Six weeks... & counting.
At this point I really am counting. Counting the number of people who have been so very wonderfully warm and welcoming to me on the trail. Counting the number of times I've asked myself "what are you doing?". Counting the kilometers I've walked...

Well... This is it. My last night on the trail. It's been almost two weeks since my last update, partially explained by my effort to finish by tomorrow, which required pretty long and hard days this last two weeks. I won't go into detail here, but it was a fabulous, gl...

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March 4, 2017

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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