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CBN Interview (On the Trail!)

Join in JNF's "On the Trail with Aryeh" 3-part live video events!

Enjoy Aryeh's 11-week radio/video series on Radio Melitz!

TV interviews on JBS TV (Part 1 on American Jews & Israel,

Part 2 on re-asserting the legitimacy of Zionism & Israel).

Radio Interview on the John Batchelor Show April 19

Radio Interview on Israel Radio (in English) April 29

Radio Interview on Israel News Talk Radio April 24

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Aryeh Green is Chief Strategy Officer at EnergiyaGlobal, a leading Israeli renewable
energy developer for Africa.  Aryeh has an extensive background in both the public and

private sectors, having served as a senior advisor to minister Natan Sharansky in the

Israeli Prime Minister's office, as an executive or consultant for some of Israel's leading companies, and as co-founder/director
MediaCentral, a Jerusalem-based project of HonestReporting providing services to the foreign press in Israel.  Born and raised in  the US, Aryeh has lived in Israel for over 30 years, and holds a BA in psychology from UC Berkeley, an MA in international relations from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and an MSc in business management from Boston U & Ben Gurion University.


An expert in regional affairs, media issues, and Israel history, Aryeh has been a leading advocate and activist for freedom and democracy in the region for the past two decades, and is a well-known, dynamic and captivating speaker. 


Published articles include:
The Emergence of the Jews as a People

A 5-Step Path to Arab-Israel Peace

Palestinian Democracy: It's Possible

Maybe There is "No Solution" - Re-print of 1991 Article (JPost)

Myths and Madness in the Middle East

Israel and the Media: Sense and Nonsense

European Universities and the New Anti-Semitism

Re-asserting the Legitimacy of Israel and Zionism


Video of talk on "Re-awakening Zionism" in LA, co-sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Israeli Consulate, Beverly Hills Synagogue, StandWithUs and ZOA, can be seen here, and another, on the "Myths and Madness in the Middle East", here.


See also here for a documentary about the conflict called "Hijacking the Holy Land" in which Aryeh is featured at 9 mins, 10:30, and 34 mins.

More info and links can be found on Aryeh's blog (Aryeh's Israel Outlook) and YouTube channel.

Background, Articles, Videos etc.

Aryeh Green inteview on i24 News about the book My Israel Trail
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