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 A Story of Life, Love, Loss and Healing in the Holy Land 

My Israel Trail is the story of my hike on the Israel National Trail following my divorce. I meditated on mountain tops and cried in dry creek beds; I wrote anguished journal entries and composed songs to lift my spirits. I looked back, and inward, and up to the night sky, and over the valley to the next mountain range, and down at the ants in the dirt, and back along the Trail to see how far I’d come.

What I discovered on the Shvil - Hebrew for Trail - was a sense of self, and a sense of personal and national history… and a perspective of sorts on the human condition. These are my reflections, a meditation as it were on existence, relationships, happiness, challenges and hope.

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What a fascinating journey Aryeh presents us with and takes us on. This book is a beautiful exploration of self and identity; the movement of his body through Israel echoes the movement of his spirit from loneliness and fear to strength and fulfillment. What a metaphor for so many of our journeys in this life!

Mayim Bialik, actress (Big Bang Theory, Blossom); author; activist (Grok Nation); neuroscientist.

In his new book about walking the land of Israel, Aryeh Green unabashedly demonstrates his love of the land of Israel, the state of Israel, and the people of Israel.  His passion, persistence and curiosity shine through in this user-friendly, engaging new book

Natan Sharanksy, Chairman of the Jewish Agency; former Israeli deputy prime minister and Soviet dissident.

Walking alone through a beautiful country is conducive to thinking creatively. Aryeh Green's wonderful description of his 42-day hike throughout Israel will make every reader think hard about the state of the nation-state of the Jewish people at this critical time in its history. It's a worthwhile literary journey on which to embark.

Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law professor.

Deeply moving and profoundly thoughtful, My Israel Trail is a must read for lovers of Israel, nature, and the human spirit. Aryeh Green has done an immense service to us all.

Michael Oren, Israeli Deputy Minister & Member of Knesset; former Israeli ambassador to the US; historian and scholar of the Middle East.

Aryeh Green's book is so vivid, the first time I went hiking after I read it, I had flashbacks to his text, his story, his insights. The book takes readers on a wonderful journey, with a stunning landscape, emotional and physical challenges galore, and a pleasant, insightful narrator who is charming, self-deprecating, honest, and wise. The book makes you really want to hike the Israel trail. If you can hike it, hike it. If you can't, reading this book is the next best thing.

Gil Troy, Historian and author, The Zionist Ideas and Why I am a Zionist 

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